Recreate Responsibly on the SHT This Fall

September 1, 2020

A Message from the SHTA Team to All Trail Users: 

As the first signs of fall begin to emerge on the Superior Hiking Trail, we can’t help but share our excitement for (arguably) the finest season to enjoy our favorite footpath. We know — it’s still summer for a few more weeks! — but the cool, mostly bug-free days that lie just ahead will set the stage for everyone who sets foot on the SHT to soak in the majesty of fall in the northwoods.

Overlooks and vistas reign supreme in fall, but don’t forget to watch for the more unique natural features of the northwoods. 

Like many outdoor recreation destinations, the SHT has been host to unprecedented use and enjoyment this summer, particularly on weekends and near state parks. It’s no surprise: spending time in the outdoors is among the safest activities amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the SHT offers unparalleled access to incredible nature spaces. We are pleased that first-time visitors have discovered the riches of the Trail, and that experienced SHT-goers continue to re-discover what makes the SHT so special.

With that in mind, we’re asking YOU to help us make sure the SHT remains a safe and pleasant venue for outdoor adventure this fall. Whether you’re backpacking for days, running for miles, or walking for pleasure, being mindful of your own impact and practicing kindness to your fellow trail users are both key to keeping the Trail a welcoming space. 

Here are a few more tips to help ensure everyone has a Superior experience on the Trail:

  • Stay home if you’re sick. We must do our best to keep our trail community healthy and prevent the spread of the coronavirus
  • Practice social distancing on the SHT, especially on narrow sections. Step aside to allow space as other users pass by, and keep your distance while sharing campsites.   
  • Avoid hiking or camping in groups larger than 10 people
  • Use good judgment and be good stewards of the Trail. Recreate responsibly and practice Leave No Trace to ensure the Trail remains in good shape and a welcome place for all to enjoy. 
  • Take part in the SHT Summit Challenge to explore lesser-known, but still excellent destinations along the Trail.
  • Check the Trail Conditions page before you go. We strive to keep this page updated with important information. 

Despite a delayed start this spring, our staff, contractors, and volunteers have made great progress this year to maintain, renew, and enhance the Trail. You’ll find an exceptional, newly-built route of the SHT at Pincushion Mountain, enhanced boardwalks at Bean and Bear Lakes and beyond, new stone steps to Britton Peak, and much more. We’re grateful for the continued support from our trail stewards and our community to care for our beloved footpath through these challenging times. 

As always, you can Contact Us with questions or concerns.

Thanks again for doing your part to keep the SHT a premier footpath for all to enjoy. 

The SHTA team