Trail Running

Run among the wonders of the North Shore

“Our world and much of our lives are automated, rushed and unnatural — running… gives us the ability to connect with ourselves and our history as part of the animal kingdom in a way most people do not get to experience.”

SHTA Volunteer Crew Leader John Storkamp, on running 100 miles along the SHT

Trail runners love  the Superior Hiking Trail.  It is challenging, stimulating, and accessible throughout the North Shore. Run just a mile on the SHT, whether it’s in the heart of Duluth or on the sharp-edged ridges high above Lake Superior, you will be, at once, tested and exhilarated.

Planning Resources

If you plan to run the Trail often you may want to purchase the Superior Hiking Trail Guidebook or the Superior Hiking Trail Databook. The guidebook provides useful mile-by-mile description of the Trail with information about the Trail route as well as scenic features along the way, while the databook is a pocket-sized companion well-suited to carry with you on Trail.  (Don’t run too fast, though; you may miss these points of interest.) 

Maps of the Trail are available in print or digital formats, and may be purchased from the SHTA or at an outdoor retailer near you. These maps show topography and include important points of interest to help you plan your route. 

On the Trail

  • Trailhead signs give basic mileage information including distances to campsites and the next trailhead. 
  • The entire SHT is marked with blue paint blazes or SHT logo signs. A turn in the Trail is marked by two blue paint blazes, with the higher blaze indicating the direction the Trail turns. White paint blazes mark spur trails to and from the main SHT, to overlooks, or spur trails that form a loop where you can start and stop in the same place. (Note that we did not say, “….where you can run in circles.”) If you pay attention to the blazes and signs you should have no difficulty staying on the Trail. 
  • The Trail crosses many parcels of private land, and some of these properties are not marked as private land. Respect private landowners’ rights by staying on the Trail.

Trail Races

If you are organizing or hosting a trail race, please use our Trail Use Notification Form to let us know your plans. Please note a certificate of liability insurance is required. Visit the Groups or Events of 8+ People page for more information.