The Superior Hiking Trail crosses over 60 private properties. The Trail would not be possible without the generosity of these landowners in allowing the Trail to cross their lands. Without these crucial links, the Superior Hiking Trail would not exist as the beautiful, connected footpath it is. Thank you!

We work to ensure a positive experience for landowners:

  • We professionally GPS the Trail and any proposed re-routes, providing maps to landowners in print and/or digital formats.
  • We work with landowners to identify a route on their property.
  • We provide at least two trail inspections per year by SHTA staff and/or trained volunteers.
  • We maintain all signs along the Trail corridor and will post private property signs at landowner’s request.
  • We close the trail over private lands for the entirety of firearms deer season – every Trail access point is posted as closed and closures are highlighted on our Trail Conditions page, on social media, and in press releases.
Hiker Education

In recent years, we have increased our messaging to hikers about the rules of the Trail and how to be a responsible Trail user:

  • Hikers must respect private landowner rights by staying on the Trail and camping at designated sites only.
  • Dogs are allowed on leash only.

Initiatives have included:

  • Increasing signage at trailheads to reflect Trail rules.
  • Adding Trail rules to our printed media.
  • Focusing social media outreach on Trail rules.

If you are a landowner and ever have a problem, please report it to Denny at [email protected] or call our office at 218-834-2700 so we can work to resolve it. We appreciate your support of the Trail!