Who We Are

Established in 1986, we are a small but mighty nonprofit dedicated to the construction, maintenance, management, and promotion of the Superior Hiking Trail. Our association is honored to serve as stewards and promoters of this North Shore treasure.

What We Do

We make the Superior Hiking Trail a place for all to enjoy. In order to do that, our dedicated team manages over 300 miles of trail and the campsites and latrines that come with it. Some of our core activities as the caretakers of the SHT are: 

  • Leading: contractors and coordinating volunteers to build, maintain, and renew the Superior Hiking Trail. 
  • Creating: guidebooks and maps for trail users. 
  • Providing: trail information to trail users through our store, publications, website, and social media channels. 
  • Performing: the project management, permitting, financial management, and administrative work that makes the Trail happen.

Meet Our Team


If you need to contact the team, please use the following emails:

Additional Support

Tens of thousands of trail users have discovered the wonders of the Trail. That wonder has been supported and nurtured by countless members, donors, businesses, and volunteers who recognize the importance of caring for this beloved Trail.

Board of Directors

The SHTA Board of Directors consists of members from a variety of locations, careers, backgrounds, and age groups. The board meets four times a year to make policy decisions and guide the work of the Association. Take a look at who’s part of the board here.


Since 1986 members and donors have been providing the financial support necessary to build and maintain the trail. Approximately 60% of the Association’s operating budget comes from donations, membership fees, and other charitable contributions. The Trail has grown in popularity and aged over the years, which means this support is critical to our work to renew the Trail. Now more than ever, we hope you’ll join or donate to ensure our link to nature along the North Shore.

Please consider joining the Superior Hiking Trail Association or making a donation today.


Hard-working volunteers contribute to the on-going maintenance of the Trail. Some adopt particular trail sections, campsites, or trailheads. Others participate in scheduled maintenance or construction projects. Volunteers also are needed to help with Association events or staff a SHT booth at public events. Learn more about volunteering with the SHTA.


As a nonprofit organization, we strive to provide transparency into how our funds are utilized year over year.  

A snapshot of SHTA’s finances: The SHTA is in good financial shape, and we have established broad-based support from thousands of members, donors, and businesses.

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Contact Development and Communications Director Annie Nelson at  [email protected]