SHT End-2-Ender Program

Become A Certified SHT End-2-Ender

We are pleased to offer the Superior Hiking Trail End-2-Ender Program. If you’ve enjoyed every mile of the Trail, this is your chance to join other SHT End-2-Enders to be recognized for the amazing accomplishment of hiking every mile of the SHT!

The End-2-Ender award package includes a personalized Certificate of Completion, patch, and a magnet to memorialize your accomplishments on the Trail.

What does End-2-Ender mean?

Anyone who has hiked, walked, or run the entire Superior Hiking Trail is considered an End-2-Ender. This can be done all at once in a thru-hike or by completing the Trail section by section on day hikes, runs, multi-day backpacking trips during one or several years.

Who is eligible?

  • Anyone who has completed the entire SHT, in one trip or many, is eligible to apply.
  • If you hiked the entire SHT before it was completed from border to border in 2017, you are still eligible to apply. This program is based on the honor system.
  • To receive an exclusive End-2-Ender certificate and magnet, you must be an active SHTA member or donor at the $45/year level or higher at the time of application OR have volunteered with SHTA within the last two years. Join/renew or donate today to become eligible.
    • If you’re unsure of your membership/donation or volunteer history, contact Development Director Annie Nelson at [email protected].

How do I apply?

It’s easy: complete the online Superior Hiking Trail End-2-Ender Certificate Application. This application form includes several optional questions about your experience on the Trail. As End-2-Enders, you’ve seen it all, and your feedback will help us improve the SHT experience for current and future trail users.

Please specify which patch you would like on your E2E application by selecting how you completed the SHT (Day hiking, running, and overnight trips will receive the green E2E patch. Thru-hiking will receive the Thru-Hiker patch).

End-2-Ender applications will be processed once a year in January.

How to complete the entire SHT

Plan Your Trip With a Guidebook and Maps

Guidebook: The Superior Hiking Trail Association publishes the Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail, which can be found in the SHTA Trail Information Center or at retailers and State Park visitor centers near the Trail. The Guide is the best single resource for planning anything from day trips to thru-hikes, as it contains mile-by-mile descriptions of the Trail, campsite details, directions to trailhead, and more.

Maps: The Association also publishes a comprehensive Trail Atlas of the Superior Hiking Trail to use for planning and to carry on the Trail. The Trail Atlas is also available in a digital format through the Avenza Maps mobile app. You can also track your journey on the Trail using the My SHT Map.

Databook: SHTA recently released the inaugural edition of the Superior Hiking Trail Databook — a compact, essential guide complete with updated mileages between points of interest, elevation profiles, quick reference indexes for campsites and trailheads, and northbound or southbound compatibility. This pocket-sized companion to the guidebook is perfect for packing with you on-trail to help you know how far you have to go.

How long does it take?
  • Thru-hikers: Most hikers take 2-4 weeks to complete the entire SHT in one trip.
  • Section by section: The most common way to enjoy the entire SHT is to break it up into shorter trips over the course of one year or many years. This includes day hiking and multi-day overnight backpacking trips. The SHTA offers the My SHT Map to help you keep track of your journey to complete the entire Trail.
  • Fastest Known Time: A growing phenomenon on the SHT is to attempt a Fastest Known Time (FKT) hike or run on the entire Trail, with or without support from a crew. View the current FKT record for the Superior Hiking Trail.

A huge thanks to SHTA member and volunteer graphic designer Jennifer Anderson for her dedicated work to design the End-2-Ender logo, magnet, and patches. See more of her great work here.