Superior Hero Tales – Carolyn Rock(s)

Each month, we honor someone who has gone above and beyond to support the Superior Hiking Trail and the Association that takes care of it. Their stories are our…

January’s Superior Hero Tale: Carolyn Rock(s)

The Superior Hiking Trail travels through eight State Parks between the WI/MN border and the 270 Degree Overlook, and the most visited of them all is Gooseberry Falls State Park. And for good reason: the Park is home to many miles of trails, some of the most stunning, powerful waterfalls in the Midwest, and just so happens to employ an equally awesome naturalist, Carolyn Rock, who we’re pleased to recognize with this month’s Tale.

Carolyn (pictured: second from the left) excitedly answers hikers’ questions about the Park’s famous waterfalls.


Last year, Carolyn contacted SHTA World Headquarters to inquire about leading guided hikes on the SHT where it passes through the Park. She took several groups of SHT hikers on journeys to the bridge over the beautiful Fifth Falls and to the Skunk River, where it joins the Park’s namesake waterway. If you happened to have attended one of these hikes, you surely took great joy in learning a ton about the wide variety of flora, fauna, geologic features, and rich history found along the SHT in the Park.


Take in the impressive scenery when you reach the bridge over Fifth Falls on Carolyn’s hike.


After the hiking season wrapped up, Carolyn reached out to us again to offer her talents to the Trail and our knowledge-thirsty hikers – only this time she sent a flash flood of dates for the 2019 season. If you’re able to make it up the Shore for a gentle, Wednesday morning hike – and there are 10 chances to do so throughout the year – we highly recommend you take up her generous offer. We think you’ll enjoy your time on the Trail and the wisdom you’ll gain from Carolyn about the incredible natural world on the North Shore.


A special thanks to Carolyn for partnering with us to enrich our Guided Hike program! You can find our full Guide Hike schedule here.

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