Guided Hikes

Join SHTA for a Guided Hike on the Trail!

Join SHTA for a guided hike to experience different sections of the Trail and meet fellow hiking enthusiasts!

Pre-registration is now open for 2020 Guided Hikes. Registration is not required, but is strongly encouraged so that we can send you pre-hike information and updates. 

  • SHTA Guided Hikes begin at 9am (unless otherwise noted).
  • Hikes are free of charge and open to all. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged
  • All hikes are led by an SHTA volunteer, contractor, or staff member. Please be courteous to your hike leader and follow their instructions during the hike.
  • In the event of severe weather or poor trail conditions, hikes may be cancelled. Cancelled hikes will be announced by email to pre-registered hikers, if the decision to cancel is made in advance of the hike. Hike leaders may also decide to cancel or change the route of the hike in the event of severe weather or poor trail conditions.
  • Wear sturdy boots or hiking shoes, bring lunch, water, and insect repellent.
  • Due to past problems, dogs are not allowed on guided hikes.
  • Hikes are rugged and often very challenging. There is inherent risk to hiking on the SHT, and you will be asked to sign a liability waiver before starting the hike.
  • Please assess your own abilities before deciding to join a Guided Hike. It is better to start small than to be overly ambitious about what you can handle. We offer a variety of hike lengths for this purpose.
How the shuttles work
  • Everyone participates in the group shuttle and everyone always drives their own car.
  • The meeting place is always the end point of the hike.
  • All of the hikers get into half of the cars and those cars go to the starting point of the hike and everyone does the hike.
  • At the end of the hike, those with cars at the end point give people with cars at the start point a ride back to their cars.
2020 Guided Hikes

What’s New This Year

This year, we’ve organized our Guided Hikes into back-to-back hike weekends to make it easier for everyone, especially those travelling from far away, to enjoy a full weekend of hiking on the Trail.

We’ll kick off the season with a four-hike weekend to celebrate National Trails Day in and around Duluth — and we’ll soon announce a few non-hike events that weekend to celebrate the holiday. (4/28/2020 Update: All hikes and gatherings planned on National Trail Day weekend (June 5-7, 2020) have been postponed due to COVID-19 concerns. We aim to reschedule the hikes later this fall.)

For the rest of the hike weekends, you’ll find a longer, more challenging Saturday hike, followed by a shorter, easier hike on Sunday. We hope this variety in location, hike mileage, and difficulty will ensure our Guided Hikes are convenient and accessible to new and experienced hikers, while helping everyone explore some of our favorite sections of the Trail!

And finally, after leading our first-ever full moon night hike last year, we’ve decided to do it again at the end of the season with a Spooky Full Moon Hike on Halloween in Duluth — which will include hiking alongside two cemeteries on the way to the wide-open Rock Knob Vista in Duluth’s Hartley Park.

For directions to trailheads and more detailed information about the routes of this year’s Guided Hikes: Please refer to the Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail, the Superior Hiking Trail Databook, and the SHT Pocket Maps.

2020 Guided Hike Schedule

National Trail Day Weekend Hikes (4/28/2020 Update: ALL National Trails Day Weekend Hikes have been postponed due to COVID-19 concerns. We aim to reschedule the hikes later this fall)

POSTPONED: Friday, June 5 at 5pm: Brewer Park Loop Hike (4.1 miles)
Meet at Skyline Parkway Trailhead.

POSTPONED: Saturday, June 6 at 9am: West Fox Farm Road (Sucker River) Trailhead to Normanna Road Trailhead (9.1 miles)
Meet at Normanna Road Trailhead.

POSTPONED: Saturday, June 6 at 9am: Spirit Mountain Loop Hike (3.5 miles)
Meet at Grand Avenue Chalet Trailhead.

POSTPONED: Sunday, June 7 at 9am: Ely’s Peak Loop Hike (2.8 miles)
Meet at 123rd Avenue West Trailhead.

Saturday, July 25 at 9am: Lindskog Road (Cook County Road 58) Trailhead to Kadunce River State Wayside Trailhead (9.2 miles)
Meet at Kadunce River State Wayside Trailhead.

Sunday, July 26 at 9am: Leveaux Mountain Loop (3.3 miles)
Meet at Onion River Road Trailhead.

Saturday, August 29 at 9am: Cook County Road 1 to Caribou Falls State Wayside Trailhead (9.0 miles)
Meet at Caribou Falls State Wayside Trailhead.

Sunday, August 30 at 9am: Lax Lake Road (Beaver Bay) Trailhead to Penn Boulevard (Silver Bay) Trailhead (4.4 miles)
Meet at Penn Boulevard Trailhead.

Saturday, September 26 at 9am: Sonju Lake Road Trailhead to Lake County Road 7 Trailhead (7.5 miles)
Meet at Lake County Road 7 Trailhead.

Sunday, September 27 at 9am: Sonju Lake Road Trailhead to Crosby-Manitou State Park Trailhead (4.3 miles)
Meet at George Crosby Manitou State Park Trailhead.

Saturday, October 31 at 5pm: Spooky Full Moon Hike from Martin Road Trailhead to Rock Knob Vista in Hartley Nature Center (4.0 miles)

Please Note: A headlamp or flashlight is required to participate in this hike. Costumes are encouraged!
Meet at Hartley Nature Center Trailhead.

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