Superior Hero Tales – Generous Anonymous

Each month, we honor someone who has gone above and beyond to support the Superior Hiking Trail and the Association that takes care of it. Their stories are our…

October’s Superior Hero Tale: Generous Anonymous

Sometimes trail heroism comes in subtle and quiet ways. This Superior Hero, who asked us to keep his name in confidence, has been quietly watching a small section of the SHT that he’d worked hard to create. He’s worried that it could be lost in a land sale on the rapidly developing northern edge of Duluth. He called us last winter to warn us the parcel on which the SHT passes could be sold by St. Louis County, and offered to put up money to protect that section.

With the protection of an easement, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor threat of the land being sold will keep you from enjoying this section of the Trail on County land.

Confident we could afford to protect the Trail, we made a deal with the County to protect about a quarter mile of trail in the parcel the County owns with an easement that will ensure the Trail will remain, regardless of who owns it. We needed to buy the easement from the County – which we did, thanks to this far-sighted Superior Hero, who paid for the cost of the easement.

“Happy to do it,” he simply said. We’re happy with this Hero’s smart move.

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