Trailhead Updates


The Superior Hiking Trail Association has recently renamed several SHT trailheads to better communicate their location to trail users. Trailheads are now consistently named for the road they are on, unless the trailhead is within a specific recreation area (ex. trailheads inside state parks).

Updated Trailhead Names

South to North

  • Jay Cooke State Park Grand Portage Trail Trailhead is now Grand Portage Trail Trailhead.
  • Fond du Lac Trailhead is now 131st Avenue West Trailhead.
  • Beck’s Road Trailhead is now 123rd Avenue West Trailhead.
  • Spirit Mountain Trailhead is now Spirit Mountain Grand Avenue Chalet Trailhead.
  • Kingsbury Creek Trailhead is now Waseca Street Trailhead.
  • Highland Street Trailhead is now Skyline Parkway Trailhead.
  • Lismore Road Trailhead is now Lismore Road Trailhead.
  • Sucker River Trailhead is now Western Fox Farm Road Trailhead.
  • Fox Farm Road Trailhead is now Eastern Fox Farm Road Trailhead.
  • Lake Country Road 301 Trailhead is now Fors Road Trailhead.
  • Castle Danger Trailhead is now West Castle Danger Road Trailhead.
  • Beaver Bay Trailhead is now Lax Lake Road Trailhead.
  • Silver Bay Trailhead is now Penn Boulevard Trailhead.
  • Britton Peak Trailhead is now Sawbill Trail Trailhead.
  • Oberg Mountain Trailhead is now Onion River Road Trailhead.
  • Lutsen Mountains Recreation Area Trailhead is now Ski Hill Road Trailhead.
  • Grand Marais Trailhead is now Pincushion Mountain Trailhead.
  • Cook County Road 58 is now Lindskog Road Trailhead.
  • County Road 70 Trailhead is now Cook County Road 70 Trailhead.

These names are now in use for the First Edition of the Superior Hiking Trail Databook, published in 2020, and the current edition of the Superior Hiking Trail Guidebook.

In addition to these changes, you will now see the term “trailhead” instead of “parking lot” to describe parking opportunities such as those on Sonju Lake Road and Skou Road. We have made this change for consistency with our naming conventions.

While these new names may cause some short-term confusion as longtime SHT users adjust, the consistent trailhead naming procotol now employed by SHTA will help orient trail users to easily access to the SHT for years to come.