Superior Hero Tales — Virtual Volunteers

Each month, we honor someone who has gone above and beyond to support the Superior Hiking Trail and the Association that takes care of it. Their stories are our…

December’s Superior Hero Tale: Virtual Volunteers

With many miles to maintain, the Superior Hiking Trail offers many an opportunity to get your hands in the mud volunteering out on the Trail. But this year, we also found ourselves in need of a few talented hands to keep our communications looking clean and professional. This month, we are pleased to recognize the contributions of a few talented digital media professionals — Dain Erickson of Red Canoe Cre8tive, dedicated SHTA member and graphic designer Jennifer Anderson, and video producer Erik Sudheimer — in this month’s Superior Hero Tale.

Dain Erickson

You might have noticed that the 2018 issues of the Ridgeline newsletter look a little different than in years past. This is due in no small part to our good friend at Red Canoe Cre8tive. After getting his feet wet helping out with design work for the Split Rock Bridge Project capital campaign, Dain volunteered his time and cre8tivity to lead the redesign of the Ridgeline in spring. His efforts brought a new look and feel to one of our Trail’s main methods of communicating with our members and supporters.

Dain’s work on the Ridgeline began by enjoying the views from the ridgeline.

While Dain has since handed off the template for us to work with going forward, he’s still a trusted contact when we’re looking for professional photos of the Trail.

Jennifer Anderson

Earlier this year, Jennifer contacted the SHTA office to share an infographic of the Trail that she had created for fun. (You might have seen her original design at recent SHTA events or during a visit to the Trail Information Center in Two Harbors. Find more of her great work here.) Jennifer generously offered her professional expertise to help tell the story of our Trail Renewal Program with another infographic, which became the centerpiece of the Summer Ridgeline.

Jennifer helped us tell the story of the Trail Renewal Program projects underway and on the horizon.

Stay tuned for more great designs from Jennifer in 2019!

Erik Sudheimer

Erik contacted the SHTA office in search of a volunteer project to use his employer’s volunteer hours before they expired. When he mentioned his profession — he’s a video producer by trade — we found just the right project: a verbal history captured on film for our Founders’ Night event back in October. Erik recorded miles of travel and video tape, capturing interviews with many of the key figures in the SHT’s early history, to help us tell the origin story of the Trail. You can see Erik’s handiwork below:



These three virtual volunteers gave their time, passion, and expertise to the Trail just when we needed it. They exemplify the fact that there are many ways one can give back to the Trail and the Association, and we’re pleased to have their talents in our community.

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