Superior Hero Tales – Tom Carter

Each month, we honor someone who has gone above and beyond to support the Superior Hiking Trail and the Association that takes care of it. Their stories are our…

August’s Superior Hero Tale:

SHTA’s trail operations director Tamer Ibrahim described trail volunteer Tom Carter perfectly in this recent communique to Tom about his volunteer work on the SHT:

“What kind of engineer are you?  I’ve got to say, you have put more thought and research into your designs than possibly anyone I have ever worked with.  All of your points are excellent.”

The Sonju Lake trail crew (left to right): Mike Johnson, Karen Anderson, Cynthia Carter, Julia Andrix, Joan Fittery, and Tom Carter

For years, Tom, an engineer by profession, and a crew of volunteers that includes his wife and friends, have focused on a section of trail in the Sonju Lake area. This section is problematic:  it passes through a cedar swamp, and is usually very wet (meaning muddy) and difficult to build in because of those famous gnarly roots of the cedar tree.

Tom has painstakingly developed, and will soon build, board walk in the area.  Tom not only donates his design and construction time; he’s also donated materials to the cause.

A snapshot of Tom’s elaborate design sketches used to plan projects on the SHT.

Especially welcome for SHTA staff is Tom’s willingness to debate and negotiate the intricacies of trail design and building. He doesn’t insist he has the right answer; he welcomes critiques of his proposals.

All this is what makes Tom a true Superior Hero.

By late September you’ll be able to appreciate the work of Tom and his crew. Look for new board walk in the Sonju Lake area — well considered and well built.

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