Superior Hero Tales: The Snowmobile Heroes

February 27, 2020

What’s a guy living in central Missouri doing with a snowmobile?  Waiting to donate it to the SHTA, of course.

George Lipscomb is a long-time supporter of the Trail who owned property in northwestern Wisconsin, where he’d expected to use his snow machine, but the haul from Missouri to Wisconsin was too much to do.

We put out a call for a snowmobile donation (and trailer and truck).  George heard the call for the snowmobile and contacted us, saying, “It’s all yours, if you can come and get it.”

The fact we had a snowmobile waiting for us in central Missouri was casually mentioned at dinner in January with some SHTA volunteers.  Freshly retired banker Tom Bossert and his partner Tammy Leenay said, “We’ll go get it and deliver it to Duluth.” And they did!

SHTA’s new (used) snowmobile and truck will expand our capacity to haul materials and prepare project sites during winter months.

The snowmobile has already been put to work by SHTA trail operations director Tamer Ibrahim, who used it recently to haul three new bear poles to the lucky campsites that get them.

Using the donated snowmobile, SHTA recently joined a US Forest Service crew (pictured) to move bear poles and lumber to prepare for projects to be completed later this year.

We give our sincere thanks to George for his kind gift and Tom and Terry for their fine delivery service!

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