Superior Hero Tales – Casey Anderson

Each month, we honor someone who has gone above and beyond to support the Superior Hiking Trail and the Association that takes care of it. Their stories are our…

February’s Superior Hero Tale: Casey Anderson

One of the best parts about our work to manage and improve the Superior Hiking Trail is hearing first-hand from the hikers, backpackers, and runners who enjoy it and how their time on the Trail has impacted their lives. This month’s Superior Hero did just that, sharing a bit of his wonderful experience on the SHT — and paired it with a very generous gift to help secure the future of the Trail. Here’s the note we recently received from a new, but dedicated friend of the Trail, Casey Anderson:

“In July/August of [2019] I completed a Southbound thru-hike of the entire SHT. I haven’t been much of a hiker before this, only completing smaller hikes here and there. I was initially completely out of my element and unsure of what I was getting myself into. Completing the hike has completely changed my life as I’m sure it has changed many.

Our hero at the northern end (or is it the beginning?) of the SHT.

I am unbelievably grateful for the work that you all do each and every day to make the trail so accessible to all, beginners and professionals alike. The trail was a platform to test myself in so many areas. I learned to be self reliant. To find joy in the smallest things. To make lasting connections through the many brief encounters with other hikers. I am an unbelievably proud thru-hiker of the SHT and look forward to my experiences on the trail in the years to come

The donation of $1,000 will be matched 200% by my employer so you will be receiving $3,000. I know this money will serve you well, and I look forward to all that this can do for supporting the future of the SHT. I also look forward to spending some time volunteering this spring, summer, and fall. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for everything you have done and continue to do.” – Casey Anderson

With a note in the trail register at the southern terminus, Casey marked a successful thru-hike of the SHT.

Casey’s inspired notes and generous gift, paired with the exceptional match by Apple (his employer), will help the Association and our volunteers ensure that future thru-hikers, trail runners, first-time backpackers, dog walkers, and saunter-ers alike can experience joy like this on the SHT for years to come.

A special thanks to Casey for sharing his experience of enjoying and investing in our cherished footpath.

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