Sending Much Gratitude to our Trail Community – Thank You!

As we look back on 2021, we have much to be grateful for.   

This year certainly came with challenges but the trail community showed true dedication to the Trail and we are very grateful. Before we fully turn our focus to 2022, our staff want to take a moment to share their gratitude for the many good people and lessons learned throughout the past year.

Lisa Luokkala, Executive Director 

All Northern Minnesota first responders and natural resource and land managers rise to the top of my 2021 gratitude list. These folks went above and beyond to keep the public safe and informed during some very dicey months of high winds, drought, and forest fires. Thank you for your service!

Tamer Ibrahim, Trail Operations Director

I am grateful for the opportunity to work on such a spectacular trail with such a tight-knit group of volunteers, staff, and public lands agency partners all coming together in support of the SHT.

Matt Kraska, Development and Communications Director 

I am very grateful to all our members, supporters, and trail users who did their part to care for the trail this season. You are an integral part of our work and are what makes our trail community something special. Thank you! 

Jody Nonnemacher, Trail Store Manager

I am grateful for the many people near and far that have supported the SHT through their purchases, both in person and online. I am also grateful to the many artists, vendors, and reps that have worked so hard in these challenging times.

Lisa Knight, Administrator 

I’m so grateful for all the wild and open spaces we have in Northeast Minnesota as well as the people in the agencies, non-profits, and governments who manage and maintain them. It was another year where the outdoors was a safe space for many to connect with others and recharge our batteries. What a gift!

Thank you to our entire trail community for all that you gave to the SHT this year. Without you, there would be no Superior Hiking Trail and our work would be much more difficult. As we move into 2022, we are looking forward to connecting with you all, welcoming new trail users into the community, and completing some important trail upgrades. We are truly grateful to be stewards of the Superior Hiking Trail and thankful for all of you.

Here’s to fresh air, plenty of adenture, and much time on the Trail this coming year!