Know Before You Go: Hiking During Hunting Season

September 30, 2022
With fall color change comes another fall tradition: hunting season.

During the fall, please wear blaze orange, educate yourself on hunting seasons, respect all Trail closure signs, and be prepared to encounter hunters on or near the Superior Hiking Trail.

There are numerous open seasons during fall. Grouse season opened on September 17. In November, parts of the Trail are closed during firearms deer season Nov. 5-27.

If you see “Trail Closed” signs, please respect the closure. The Trail is closed for user safety.

Upcoming Trail Closures Nov. 5-Dec.7
  • Martin Road Trailhead to Lismore Road: Parcels south of Lismore Road will be closed. There will be no way to travel between Martin Road Trailhead and Lismore Road during this time. Hiking out-and-back from Martin Road would be feasible; a turn-around point would be the Lester River bridge or White Pine Campsite.
  • Reeves Road Trailhead to Lake County Road 301 Trailhead will be fully closed.
  • Lake County Road 301 to West Castle Danger Road Trailhead is fully closed beginning a week prior to firearms season at request of the private landowners in the area. The closure in this area is October 30-November 27.
  • Lindskog Road Trailhead to Cook County Road 14 Trailhead: A private parcel will be closed in this section for the entirety of firearms deer season. Hiking out-and-back from either end would be feasible, but do not attempt to hike through this entire section; you would be trespassing.
  • Jay Cooke State Park hosts a muzzleloader season each December and the SHT will be closed within park boundaries. This year’s hunt is December 3-7.

Wearing blaze orange or pink during hunting season helps hikers, runners and hunters to share the woods along the SHT safely.

Detailed information about Trail closures along the SHT is also available on our Trail Conditions page.

We recommend visiting the Minnesota Department of Natural Resource’s website to review hunting season schedules prior to any fall trail usage.

We also recommend checking the DNR’s list of hunts in state parks on its website prior to hiking the SHT inside park boundaries during the fall.

While most public lands remain open during firearms deer season, if you encounter a section of the SHT signed as closed, please help us protect the Trail by honoring our agreements with public and private landowners and staying off closed sections. Closure signs also indicate there is active hunting and the area along the Trail is not safe for hikers, backpackers, and runners. We wish you safe and happy fall hiking!