Match the dedication of SHTA volunteers

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Superior Hiking Trail.

From the early days when the Trail was more of an idea than a reality, it was volunteers who held onto the vision of what the Superior Hiking Trail could become and brought the dream to life.

See additional photos of volunteers throughout the Association’s 38 years by clicking here.

Thousands of people during the last 38 years have given generously of their time and talents to build one of the premier hiking trails in the country along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Our volunteers are invaluable to us, but the estimated value of their contributions is known. On the Superior Hiking Trail in 2023, 460 volunteers gave 8,800 hours valued at $279,840 — equal to 25 percent of our total annual budget to manage and maintain the Trail!


The moments we experience on Trail that fill us with awe are magic, and also highly orchestrated by the volunteers and generous donors working diligently behind the scenes. You are an equal partner in this magical equation. With your support, we will have the resources to coordinate and host more than 110 volunteer events in 2024 — from multi‑day Trail Renewal Projects to trail clearing weekends to safety training. To power the work of our amazing volunteers, we invite you to “match” their dedication with a financial gift today!