2021 SHT Summit Challenge

Ready to explore new peaks and vistas on the Superior Hiking Trail?

The Superior Hiking Trail Association invites you to complete the 2021 Summit Challenge! The rules to complete the challenge are simple:

  • Hike, run, walk, or saunter to at least seven of the summits listed below by October 31, 2021.
  • Snap a photo of the peak, vista, or “high-point” and share it through your social media page with the hashtag #SHTSummitChallenge. (If you don’t use social media, don’t sweat this step — but we encourage you to take a photo for your own memories!)
  • When you’re done, complete this short survey to share more about your experiences on the Trail.

Every participant who completes the challenge and the survey will receive a 2021 Summit Challenge button as a memento of your time on the Trail.

The Summits, listed from South to North:

  • Southern Terminus Arch (between Wild Valley Road Trailhead and the southern terminus at the Minnesota-Wisconsin border) – Anyone who starts or ends their hike here at the terminus will agree that this location is a high point, if not a true “summit.”
  • Ely’s Peak (between 131st Ave W Trailhead and 123rd Ave W Trailhead) – Nowhere near the town of Ely, this Duluth favorite gives you an expansive view of the St. Louis River Estuary.
  • Peace Ridge (between Skyline Parkway Trailhead and Haines Road Trailhead, part of the Brewer Park Loop) – Loops and vistas? What could be better?
  • Rock Knob (between Rose Garden Trailhead and Hartley Nature Center Trailhead) – Nowhere else on the trail can you overlook an old farm turned wet meadow.
  • Fox Farm Pond (between western Fox Farm Road Trailhead and eastern Fox Farm Road Trailhead) – If you access this pond from western Fox Farm Road Trailhead, you’ll know why we call it a summit! The spur trail up from the trailhead does have a vista as well.
  • Reeves Falls (between Lake County Demonstration Forest Trailhead and Reeves Road Trailhead, at campsite) – A hidden gem of the Superior Hiking Trail, this tiny waterfall cascades seasonally.
  • Faultline Valley Vista (between Split Rock Wayside State Park and Lax Lake Road Trailhead, part of the Cove Point Loop) – Inland vistas abound in this area.
  • Sawmill Creek Pond Boardwalk (between Lake County Road 6 Trailhead and Lake County Road 7 Trailhead) – Another symbolic “high point” is this boardwalk, constructed just last year.
  • Tower Overlook (between Cook County Road 1 Trailhead and Skou Road Trailhead) – If there is a nicer place for a water break, we can’t think of one.
  • Cedar Overlook (between Sawbill Trail Trailhead and Onion River Road Trailhead) – You may have been to Leveaux Mountain and Britton Peak, but this overlook tucked between those two points of interest is rarely visited.
  • Hellacious Overlook (between Arrowhead Trail Trailhead and Jackson Lake Road Trailhead) – One of the most expansive views on the entire SHT, this overlook is as epic as it gets.
  • Rosebush Ridge (highest point on SHT, between Jackson Lake Road Trailhead and Andy Lake Road Trailhead) – Are you expecting a fantastic view from the highest point on the SHT? Prepare for disappointment. But never fear — just a mile north of the high point is a nice overlook.

We know we may have stretched the term “summit” with some of these locations but we encourage you to stretch your legs and check out some of our favorite “high-points” as well as the summits along the Trail!

You can find directions to the trailheads in our Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail or by using Google Maps or another navigation tool. Most vistas can be found in our new Trail Atlas of the Superior Hiking Trail — and some require your own exploration to discover their location!

Good luck on the Trail!

Please contact the SHTA at [email protected] with any questions.

Special thanks to Jennifer Osborne Anderson for once again donating her graphic design talents for the challenge.