Guidebook, Maps, and GPS


The Superior Hiking Trail Association publishes the official trail guidebook, databook, and a set of six trail maps. These critical trip planning tools are available for purchase in our online store, at our Trail Information Center in Two Harbors, MN, and at selected retail locations, including outdoor gear shops and State Park gift shops.

Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail – 8th Edition

The guidebook details the 300+ miles of the Superior Hiking Trail. Useful for the casual day-hiker, trail runner, weekend backpacker, or long distance thru-hiker the guide provides:

  • Mile-by-mile descriptions of each trail section, including spur trails
  • Access and parking
  • Campsite descriptions and distances between campsites
  • Water sources
  • Reference sections

Published in 2017, revised and reprinted in 2019.

Purchase now from SHTA.

You can also find the Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail and SHT maps at these fine retailers:

  • Twin Cities Metro: all REI locations, Midwest Mountaineering
  • Duluth: Bookstore at Fitgers, Frost River, Duluth Pack, Trail fitters, Zenith Bookstore
  • Two Harbors: Lake County Chamber of Commerce, Sweet Peas
  • Tofte: Sawtooth Outfitters, Watersedge
  • Lutsen: Lockport
  • Grand Marais: Lake Superior Trading Post, Birchbark Books, Drury Lane Books, Stone Harbor Wilderness Outfitters

Designed to be used in with the guide; the six double-sided, pocket sized maps cover the length of the SHT and include:

  • Highways, roads,  and parking
  • Trailheads and campsites
  • Guidebook reference points
  • Mileage charts
  • Elevation profiles
  • Scale 1″ = 1 mile (approximate)

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Superior Hiking Trail Databook

The Superior Hiking Trail Databook is a compact, easy-to-carry guide designed to help you explore the premier footpath along Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior. This guide provides the most vital information you need to enjoy the Superior Hiking Trail. 

  • Detailed information for over 300 miles of trail, 94 backcountry campsites, and over 50 trailheads. 
  • Accurate mile points between trailheads, campsites, water crossings, trail and road junctions, and more.
  • Elevation profiles for the entire main trail.
  • Compatible with southbound and northbound travel.
  • Written for the thru-hiker, backpacker, day hiker, trail runner, or occasional saunterer.

However you prefer to travel on the world-class Superior Hiking Trail, this Databook is your essential guide to exploring the rugged, challenging, and beloved footpath through the northwoods of Minnesota.

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The Superior Hiking Trail was GPS’d with a matching grant from the Lake Superior Coastal Program in the fall/early winter 2003. The project was to get accurate GPS data for the trail for land ownership purposes. The only waypoints that were taken were at the campsites and not at scenic features.

Below you will find  a link to .gdb and .gpx files for the trail that have a downloadable track log for the trail and waypoints for the campsites and trailhead parking lots.  You need a Garmin with MapSource software to be able to use this data. There is also a pdf file that has the campsite waypoints. These are listed as utmx and utmy coordinates; latitude and longitude in decimal degree format; and latitude and longitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds.

Note: There may be an odd “snap-back” problem with this data where sometimes a line may be created from a spur trail that snaps back to a starting point. Just ignore these lines.

As always, you still need to bring a paper map and compass when hiking on the trail in case of GPS failure or other uncertainties and know how to use them.

File Names and Descriptions (all files uploaded June 2013):

campsites_sht.gpx – All campsites as waypoints. For use with Mapsource and others.
campsites_sht.kml – All campsites as waypoints. For use in Google Earth and others.
campsites_sht.pdf – A PDF of the UTM15 and Lat/Long coordinates of all campsites. For use with hand entering waypoints or to carry with you.
combined_sht.gpx – All of the trail in about 32,000 points as track lines. A user in Mapsource or other software can select up to 10,000 points for a track to put on their units.
combined_sht.kml – All of the trail in 32,000 points as track lines. for use in Google earth and others.
combined _sht_under _10k_vertices.gpx – Entire trail in less than 10,000 points. Not as detailed as the other file.

Download: GPS Files