Gratitude for SHTA Trail Adopters

May 29, 2020

Dear Superior Hiking Trail campsite and section adopters,

May has always been the month that you’ve helped us get the Trail ready to go for the hiking season. When you’ve headed out to lop your section or inspect your campsite’s furniture, you’ve not only improved the SHT for thousands of users — you’ve also helped us identify new problems that require immediate attention.

As adopters, you are our eyes and ears on the Trail — as long as all ears remain intact! Boot Up Hikers photo by Cynthia Carter

As you well know, this has not been your usual May. We’ve spent the past few weeks adapting to evolving COVID-19 health concerns and doing what we can to refocus our efforts amid our new reality. It has meant so much to us to hear from you during this time — your enthusiasm, care, and dedication to the Trail is truly appreciated.

As we move forward, we want to make sure you remain safe and that our North Shore communities stay safe too. Some of you who are local to the Trail were able to get out to start on spring maintenance duties, while many of you have waited patiently to avoid unnecessary travel. We’re grateful for your patience; please know that if staying put until you’re comfortable to travel to the Trail means you won’t be able to complete your normal spring maintenance, that’s okay. We’ll continue to provide updates on our COVID-19 page as our plans for volunteer efforts this year come into focus.

After setting up your account in the new Volunteer Portal, reporting your hours will be quick and easy.

We also want to thank you also for taking the time to learn the ropes of our new Volunteer Portal. We know that new technology can be a challenge to learn, but we are confident this new management system will help keep you better informed of volunteer opportunities and make it easier to track and report your efforts in one place. (FYI: If you’re struggling to add your hours, here is a helpful video to get you started.)

As we look ahead to June and beyond, we’d like to welcome the cohort of new adopters who’ve joined our ranks! 12 new adopters have signed on this year, in addition to three groups:

  • Castle Danger Brewery’s Team Danger, who will care for (big surprise!) Castle Danger Road to the Nestor Grade.
  • The Lake Superior Warriors, a nonprofit veterans group, who will care for the Martin Road to Lismore Road section.
  • The Friends of Kris Nurmi, a group of volunteers who will care for the Onion River campsite.

Whether it’s your first year in this role or whether you’ve been with us for decades, we’re grateful for your help and we look forward to seeing you again on the Trail.

Thanks for all you do,

The SHTA team