Fine Signs


Fine Signs

June 19, 2019 (Originally published in the 2019 Summer Ridgeline Newsletter)

Signs matter.

They tell you where you are, of course, but they also project the image or “brand” of the SHT and the organization that manages it. We’ve been committed to improving signage on the SHT (and just off of it). There’s more to do, but here’s a sampler:

Get Your Trailhead Sign on Route 61

We replaced 19 of those washed-out green metal signs along Hwy. 61 between Castle Danger and Grand Marais. They’re a snappy state park brown color now.

No Overlooking the Overlooks

Volunteer Rebecca Nara installs a new sign for the Hellacious Overlook, way up there between Arrowhead Trail and Jackson Lake Road.  Anticipating the one and only Unimpressive Overlook on the SHT is volunteer Amy Carrison. You’ll soon see new signs for some campsites too.

All Coming To A (trail) Head

Coming out of the SHTA’s “classical era” of the late 1980s and early 90s, most of our trailhead signs are aging gracefully. But many of them were littered with extraneous stuff over the years, which will get tidied up.  See the difference?

No More Being Out Of The Loop

Look soon for new loop trail maps on Ely’s Peak and Brewer Park (once the reroute there is completed), and on the Leveaux Mountain loop and Bean and Bear Lakes loop.

Many thanks to the Minnesota DNR’s Coastal Program for making the Hwy. 61 signs and loop trail signs possible.  And sincere thanks to volunteer Michael Loscheider, whose routing tool and skill is making new wood signs possible again.  

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