Facebook Fundraisers for SHTA

Use Facebook to support SHTA

Creating a Facebook fundraiser for your birthday (or any time of year) is a simple way to help raise money to support the #SuperiorHikingTrail.

When you create a fundraiser, your friends will receive a notification prompting them to make a charitable gift to help you reach your goal. Facebook has waived their processing fees, so every dollar donated will go directly to support SHTA’s work on the Trail.

Here’s how you can create a fundraiser and make a big impact:

1️. Head to https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers/
2. Under “Select Nonprofit” type and choose “Superior Hiking Trail Association.
3. Set a goal and an end date. Be ambitious with your goal!
4. You’ll be asked to name your fundraiser and explain why you’re raising money. Be honest, and tell your friends why you care about maintaining and renewing the Superior Hiking Trail.
5. Pick a cover photo – several options will be available.
6. Click “Create” and share with your friends!

Extra Credit: When you create your fundraiser, tag us (@superiorhikingtrailassociation) so we can say thanks to you and all your friends for supporting the Trail.