Diving Board Boardwalk Coming Soon


Diving Board Boardwalk Coming Soon

April 22, 2019

Fixing a mud pit on a remote section of the SHT is more complicated than you might think.

The infamous “Diving Board Mud Pit” near Horseshoe Ridge just outside George H. Crosby Manitou State Park has been on our to-do list for years. Now, with materials at the ready and a new boardwalk design in hand, we’re pleased to say its days are numbered. The memory of traversing knee-or-thigh deep mud will soon be a figment of SHT lore.

Winter is a great time to get haulin’

Earlier this winter, we received permission from Diane Silver, a landowner adjacent to the park, to use a private forest road to haul materials to the project site while the ground was frozen.

With permission from Diane Silver and the services of Jack Lax and Brandin Olson, we were able to move materials nearly two miles off of Highway 61 towards the SHT.

Timed perfectly with unpredictable spring weather, we hired a bulldozer to clear the road and a skid-steer to haul materials within a few thousand feet from the Trail.

Then, SHTA volunteers and staff assembled twice — first to chart a path through the woods to the staging site and then to use sleds to move load after load of heavy bog pans and lumber.

Derrick and Mae put their sled skills on display.

After a few dozen trips back and forth, the job was completed. Thank you to Cindy, Derrick, Emma, Mae, Jason, Jon, and Tim for showing up with great attitudes and lots of energy!

Bog pans, brackets, boards, and other building materials now await the next phase of the project.

Diving into the boardwalk

Now that materials are staged, we can move forward and build a sturdy boardwalk over the pit later this year. Put simply, Volunteer Crew Leaders John Storkamp and Todd Rowe are excited to get started on this Trail Renewal project. We’ll share updates as we continue to make progress to keep you out of the mud!