Backpack Trip – Cascade River to Oberg Mountain


Backpack Trip – Cascade River to Oberg Mountain

Summary: Enjoy Cascade River State Park, Lookout Mountain, views of Lake Superior and the Sawtooth Range. Hike through a diverse forest ranging from a mature maple canopy through mixed forest (birch/aspen/pine/spruce). Stretches of trail parallel the winding Poplar River and breath-taking Lake Agnes. Climb Lookout, Mooose, Mystery and Oberg Mountains.

Distance: 27.3 miles

Timeframe: 6 days, 5 nights

Day 1: Cook County Road 45 Trailhead to Big White Pine Campsite, 2.1 mile

Day 2: Big White Pine Campsite to Spruce Creek Campsite, 6.6 miles

Day 3: Spruce Creek Campsite to East Lake Agnes Campsite, 4.6 miles

Day 4: East Lake Agnes Campsite to Mystery Mountain Campsite, 6.0 miles

Day 5: Mystery Mountain Campsite to East Rollins Creek, 4.5 miles

Day 6: East Rollins Creek Campsite to Oberg Mountain Trailhead, 3.5 miles. Option to hike the Oberg Mountain Loop, 1.8 miles.


  • Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail – Seventh Edition pages 177-191.
  • Superior Hiking Trail map #5.


The tumbling Cascade River is one of the highlights of this trip.