A Superior Gift

Each year, the Trail gives us truly Superior gifts.

Kids take their first overnight backpacking trips with their parents, fall in love with the woods, and make life-long memories.

Trail runners sign up for their first marathons, test their bodies and minds in every way possible and succeed.

Thru-hikers start at the southern terminus with a storm of butterflies in their stomachs and arrive at the northern terminus with confidence as strong as the roots of an old-growth pine.

For our year-end fundraiser, we share a month-long storytelling series celebrating gifts people received from the Trail this year. Subscribe to our email list to follow along, or read their stories by clicking the links below:

Nick Spano: A Hike Thru the SHT’s Natural History

Eduardo Montiel: Running to Nature

Joe Baker: A New Family Tradition

To ensure everyone can receive these gifts from the Trail, the Superior Hiking Trail Association relies on supporters like you to protect, maintain, and manage the Trail. Please give a Superior gift today.


Photo courtesy of John Steitz. To see more of his work, visit his website John Steitz Photography.